tutti pic up on Lesportsac Japan site

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  1. Tutti picture is posted/released on the japan lesportsac site :smile:


    I'm sure a lot of ppl have seen it already but for all who haven't, here ya go! It's the black/white print.
  2. I think my credit card can rest for this one. I would get it if the characters are coloured! And the head of the gals look odd in a world of the cute characters... My next goal will be trasporto!
  3. waiiiiiiiiiiiiit they're already getting tutti and we haven't even gotten famiglia -- dang i need to move to japan!

    btw, i couldn't open the thumbnail on that page -- it's retarded.
  4. okay so I HAVE to have this print!! THanks for posting!
  5. No no that's just the schedule, it says Spiaggia is coming out in June, Famiglia in July and Tutti in August :smile:
  6. Not a huge fan of the black & white print. I wish it was more colorful!
  7. aw, well i thought the first post in the thread said there was a pic of the print........
  8. i likey :love: :P it adds a bit of calm to all the colorful prints. i think i'll get this one
  9. Ahhh it has more white than the Adios Star!! Too scared to get it dirty.. but I love all the characters they have on it!

    The black & white makes me want to color them :lol:
  10. [​IMG]

    for those that couldn't open the thumbnail :smile:
  11. gotta get this bag! but in what style i wonder? do you guys know if it'll be made in mamma mia?
  12. Looks like that needs to be in a dolce for me.
  13. Its cute...but I like color. Maybe if some if the characters were in color and some were in BW it would be better. I have to see the whole thing.
  14. Stellina!
    Since they're all mashed up together I wouldn't mind as much them being 'cut-up'! :lol:
    Hmmmmmm :drool:
  15. Thank you Moofia. I think it's cute, but idk if I can handle a black and white bag. I guess I'll wait on this one.