tutti on e-bay.

  1. ... and of course the price is jacked up. *lol* The front of the bambinone has TWO Momobellas... :p :roflmfao: But I know there are a few of you out there that like Momobella!
  2. There's only 1 bag on there in Tutti right now, right?
  3. Yeah, the bambinone with giant and baby Momobella.
  4. Ah, I saw that one in eBay too....:rolleyes:I was there for a hour...and controlling myself in splurging for more.
  5. That bag is like $40 over retail :nuts: I saw the big peach head!!

    Don't buy it Petals..once Tutti starts showing up in the stores or more appear on eBay the price will go down!
  6. I'm having a hard time just resisting the Tutti denaros I see up for sale or trade :p I keep telling myself to hold out for my perfect print.
  7. Oooh, where are Tutti denaros?
  8. I've seen a couple for sale and/or trade on shoptokidoki on lj :smile:
  9. I'm trying to find them but I can't...?
  10. ^^ if u scroll down, darqbeauty should have one for trade on the 2nd page
  11. Am I just not navigating correctly...? This site isn't very user-friendly for a new person.
  12. if u scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, there should be a link that says "go earlier"
  13. I did, and the only thread by darqbeauty is "evilbay for dummies" but I don't see anything about denaros?
  14. u've already been accepted to shoptokidoki right?
  15. I don't know. I just tried to join within the hour. How would I know if I've been accepted?