Tutti in Seattle Area at Macy's and Nordstrom

  1. I just happened to call them and all the Macy's have some selection of Tutti, and half of the Nordstroms as well. The must have just got them in the last day or so.

    Also, I called every store, and none have Mamma Mia. :sad: I went to the Bellevue Mall store today, and they had lots of Giocos, about 4 Bambinone, 2 BV, and a couple Stellina.
  2. thanks for the info =)

    do u know if any Nordstrom or macy's sales are going on?
  3. Nope. . .I wish!
  4. The downtown Seattle store is offering 15% off Tokidoki bags if you use your Macy's card; I don't know how long the offer will last; I did not see this offer at the Bellevue or Northgate locations.
    Downtown Seattle had the zucca, stellina, ciao ciao, nuvola, buon viaggio, aventura, canguro, bambinone, portatelefono and gioco in Tutti. Possibly the campeggio, too. They've also got quite a bit of Spiaggia and Famiglia. And about a half-dozen bags in Bianco and Notte.
    Northgate had just a few Tutti bags - mainly stellina. There was also a zucca (qee was missing the plastic wrap).
    Bellevue got cleaned out of Tutti zuccas (the SA told me someone bought $800 in Tokidoki bags Friday night).
  5. Today, I went to Alderwood, and the Outlet store. Alderwood didn't have a huge selection, about 15 Famiglia purses, and 15 pieces of Tutti, 1 Zucca, a couple Gioco's, 3 Bambinone, 1 canguro, 2 Stellina, a few fumo, and bianco's, and one returned lamore canguro, and 1 Spiaggia BV (I bought the other one).

    However, the one Spiaggia BV I bought at Aldersowood as full retail, no sale. I thought it was my perfect print placement, except when I pulled it out of the bag in the car to admire it again, I realized what I thought was the front, was actually the back, Ugh! so perfect print placement, just flip/flopped. : ( I was going to keep it thinking if I jus carried it backwards, you can hardly tell the difference from the back and the front, but the more I think about it, the more it bugs me. So, if Downtown has a good selection of Spiaggia, I'll have to head down there tomorrow and maybe find one that I can exchange for, or just return it. Ugh, gotta pay for parking though, which sucks.

    thanks for the sale info Devila! I hope the 15% off is still going on tomorrow morning.
  6. I forgot to list the stock at the Seattle Outlet - They had:

    Pirata: Ciao, BV, Ciao, Ciao
    AS: BV, Mamma Mia, Canguro, Luna, Braccialetto (1 - no characters), Bambinone, Bambino, Bocce
    Paradiso: Scuola, Trenino, Luna, Bocce
    Inferno: Scuola, Trenino
    Bianco: Bambinone, BV, Ciao/Ciao
    Fumo: Nuvola, Scuola