Tutti in San Diego

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  1. For all you so cal ladies...the wifey and her sis picked up tutti's after they showed up in a couple of San Diego Macy's. I'll attach pics soon but in the meantime here's the stores we checked along with what was left after their purchases (from what we remember):

    Macy's in Otay Ranch: 1 zucca, a few dolces, 1 campeggio, 1 canguro, buon viaggio, a few bambinones, 1 ciao ciao, 1 gioco and 1 cucciolo

    Macy's in Fashion Valley:
    2 Zucca's, 2 Stellina's, a few bambinones, canguro, 1 ciao ciao, 1 gioco, possibly a mamma mia

    Macy's in Plaza Bonita:
  2. Thanks for posting this! I'm gonna go check out Fashion Valley and Otay Ranch today!

    Chula Vista Mall also has Tutti, when I was there Friday they had 2 of each of the Gioco, Campeggio, BV, and Dolce.
  3. I just came from Macy's in Fashion Valley to confirm if they had any mamma mia's (because I want one!), but I didn't see any. All I saw were BV's, plus the other styles that my BIL mentioned up above.:sad:

    I also checked Macy's in Mission Valley....No Tutti Yet!
  4. as promised here's shots of the tutti stellina.
  5. Oooh, pretty, I love yours! You got two characters centered on the pockets like I did! Here's mine:



  6. Cute stellinas!! Too bad I'm not a messenger bag girl. The placements are awesome!!
  7. Just to add...

    Macy's at Grossmont Center, La Mesa: 2 Stellinas, 1 Campeggio, 2 Gioccos, 1 canguro, 1 BV, 2 dolces, 1 Bambione

    So last night I bought a dolce at Fashion Valley, but I realized that this bag is just too small for me to carry. I then saw a bambione at Grossmont, and love it, but hate the placement.

    Why are bambiones and ciaos so hard to find in the retail Macy's? I have YET to see a ciao anywhere. I want a bag smaller than the gicco, but larger that the dolce.

    Also, why am I HATING the placements on all the tuttis? I want the LA girl, tattoo girl,the girl blowing bubbles, and the spade with adios. Not much to ask for, but I can't find a single decent cut.....except for on the BV but I don't want ANOTHER BV.

    I used to just buy the bags as they came out, now I search and hunt for the best placement, and won't buy one until I am 100% happy. It is kinda losing it's fun :crybaby:

    *oops* Almost forgot to say, there is a really cute gicco with the ipod devil girl right smack in the MIDDLE at Grossmont Macy's. Just in case anyone is looking for her.....