tutti fans beware!

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  1. ok, i've been SUPER careful with my new tutti ciao which i've only had for 2 days now. i don't know what it is, but on the grid-like thing on the material, my bag is starting to get a slight grey color on the lines of the grid. so instead of the background all being white, you can see the grid in the background.

    it's very faint, but it has me really worried, as i've only carried this bag twice so far, and i've been really careful with it.

    if you buy tutti, make sure you pick up a magic eraser as well!

    it may just need to be cleaned every so often to keep it white.
  2. O:huh:. thanks for the info neeecole. i really want one, but still a little iffy with the whole "white" thing. maybe i'll just carry it around with the plastic still on the bag. Mmmm...i'm so particular with my bags, and once it's dirty...i feel :cry:.
  3. eek! this totally makes me scared to get a tutti however I've been wondering lately why I'm so afraid of getting a tutti because of all the white when I already own a L'amore and Adios Star and those have lots of white too ... haha
  4. ouch! that kinda scares me as well....plus the whole black on white thing makes me worried that I'll stain it..I have a LAMB messenger bag, and it got dirty quick..guess I have to be more careful :biggrin:
  5. ooo that's why i didn't get a Ciao in Tutti cuz i know when you wear a Ciao, it rubs onto your jeans or any material it's touching. Thus it marks the bag. There were threads on this somewhere....

    I opted for the Bambino instead.
  6. ooohhhh did you scotchguard it?
  7. i will probably only stare at my tutti zucca and gioco then. STARE. i accepted that before i even got them. i'm the messiest person ever.
  8. i haven't scotch guarded any of my bags yet lol. i dont think i will. i'll just continue to use my Tide Pen or Mr. Clean eraser. =)
  9. After reading this thread, I just ran to check my Tutti Zucca. I've been carting it back and forth to work this whole week. I have a faint trace of dirt on a small section of the piping on the bottom of the bag, but the Tide pen cleaned it right up.
  10. Yeah, I actually think there is less white on the Tutti than the A.S. (or at least smaller patches of white). I'm just careful with it like I am with the other light colored bags. It's not so bad.
  11. LVixen and i decided today that it was def from it rubbing on my jeans. i almost always wear black jeans so it makes alot of sense.

    i havent scotchguarded it yet but i will soon.
  12. yeah my pirata got REALLY dirty REALLY fast (like 1 day at SDCC lol) because it kept rubbing against my dark blue jeans... I need to clean it :p
  13. I am leery when it comes to Tutti and AS - I've yet to use my AS Ciao Ciao yet simply because bags get dirty easier in the summer, so I am waiting to use it later this fall. With Tokidoki bags and LeSportsac bags in general, stains are easier to removed while they are fresh.

    Just to share a tip on set-in stain on nylon. The solution is to use steam to loosen up the stain on the fabric, but don't splash hot water directly onto the stain. Then, gently wipe the stain with a moist cloth - you can add some mild detergent if desired - but remember to clean the fabric thoroughly, making sure there is no residue.
  14. I know that the white on the Tutti is going to be very challenging for me because I am such a mess sometimes...I STILL WANT A TUTTI THOUGH!