tutti "discontinued" styles.

  1. So I know there have been rumors going around about the mamma mia and caramella being discontinued... I just called our Ala Moana LeSportsac and spoke to a different SA than the one I spoke to this past weekend. The SA looked at their list and said they have both of those styles ordered and it's scheduled to arrive either the first or second week of August. Unfortunately they don't put anything on hold during the first 3 days of a print launch.

    So if our LeSportsacs do get them, I would assume stores on the mainland would get them too?
  2. that's good =)
  3. :yahoo: Thanks maya! I really want a tutti caramella.
  4. Cool! If thes are being sold through the Lesportsac stores, that means they'll eventually end up at the outlets as well! Thanks for letting us know. I know Macy's has the Tutti print already in their registers, but the bags have not yet show up in the stores in the Seattle area.
  5. I'm not sure about the whole "going to the outlets" because they're supposed to be sold in the department stores only on the mainland right? So those prints don't go to the outlets...

    But since only LeSportsac and DFS can carry them here in Hawaii, they'll eventually go to our "outlet" store.
  6. If they make it to the Waikele outlet, I'll have ask my sister to pick one up for me! :smile:

    I know the rule on the Mainland is if it's not sold through the lesportsac stores (department/boutique stores only), then they don't make it to the outlet (like Lamore and Foresta).
  7. I'd definitely love to wait for Tutti to come to our outlet so I could get it cheaper... but I think this may be one bag I'm willing to pay Hawaii retail for so I can get the placement I really want... :push: I really, really want a MM with Mozzarella and Cactus Kid!!
  8. That's exactly the bag and two characters I want on my MM too! Do you think there will be 2 that exist in the world for each of us? If you find two in your hunt in Hawaii, coule you pick the one you want and, please put one on hold for me at the store, and let me know. I'll call and charge send it, or have my sister pick it up. I know Hawaii retail is marked up around 25%, but I would spend that on gas and phone calls trying to find one.
  9. Well, there are bag twins out there...!! And yes, I will!!
  10. Thanks for the info Maya :biggrin: I think I shall want to see this print in person :biggrin:
  11. I took my denaro to work today (still in plastic) and my co-worker that also loves tokidoki loooooooooooooooves it. I just hope it comes out on a Monday because I'm off every Monday in August!! Oh, and the second Tuesday too!!
  12. :tup: Maya - you really are exqusite! LOLz! MAHALO! MAHALO! I will look for you in the Seattle area as well! feel free to PM me, or email seatokilover@hotmail.com.:rolleyes:
  13. Thanks. :tup: I'm always willing to help whenever I can, since we're so limited here!
  14. The regional pricing thing is a bummer too. I was surprised by it when I found out, but I can understand it with the Japanese Tourist market. Sad, yeah? I'll watch for for the MM Tutti's up here for both of us. : )
  15. Good deal!! :tup: