Tutti Denaro? Where to buy?

  1. Hi girls!

    I'm loving the new print tutti... I've never seen any denaro's anywhere in store?
    Does macy's carry them? Where can I find one! It's sold out on the lesportsac webbie :sad:

    Do you think Giant Robot might have them? I think I'll check them out this weekend, but they only have older prints on their website.

    I'm located in LA :smile:

    TY in advance :biggrin:

  2. I think they're still available on the Lesportsac.com website.
  3. Nope, sold out.:nogood:
  4. Oops. That 25% promo must have wiped them out.
  5. I got my tutti from metropark LV...not sure if they still have any...does show on their web site...so they must still have them...
  6. I saw one at happy six in LA, but I don't like the placements. The front are peach girl and cactus cat, the back are rainbow and AS, cactus boy. But all the characters are got cutting lol.

    I am still looking the good placement for tutti denaro. If someone knows, please post. Thanks!:p
  7. Thanks girls! I don't really *need* more wallets or bags... doh! mmmm... so tempting ;X
  8. I saw 4 at Fashion Island (Newport Beach) Macys a week ago.