Tutti Ciao Comprehensive

  1. My tutti ciao came this morning! So i took lots and lots of pics:

    Empty Front:

    Stuffed Back:

    That gorgeous purpley-blue:

    Ciao Guts:

    Size Reference (i'm 5'2"):

    And my happy little family!

    I can't wait to break it in today:heart::wlae:
  2. Aw, cute family!! :tup:
  3. ooh congrats neeecole!! The tutti ciao is niiice :yes:

    ahh seeing all this tutti kinda makes me want one ...
  4. I've been seeing a few Tutti bags being posted here and all I can say is that why the baby butt is so prominent on each bag????
  5. What is the green keychain? Did it come with the bag? Such a cute ciao!
  6. haha it's a tamagotchi! i just got a new one the other day. i like to pretend i'm 12 still.

    i chose the bag with sumo baby on the front because i like it, and i looooove baby adios, which is right next to it. thats probably what happened with alot of ppl here, cuz almost everyone who has one got it from pulse so they all got to choose placement.

    edit** i took the adios qee off of the bag as soon as i got it. IT"S SOOOOOOOOO KYOOT! one of my other qee's lost a leg, so i usually take them off now.
  7. So I guess everyone here who got their Tutti got it from Pulse and chose baby sumo? Ahh .. that's why and I was kinda surprised at first.
  8. cute tutti ciao! LOVE your playground BV!
  9. I love love love love sumo baby and baby adios! cute bag.
  10. OHhh very cute :smile: Congrats
  11. Cute bag family. :tup:
  12. Wow that Tutti Ciao is so cute!:cutesy: I should not be looking at this thread.:lecture: I keep telling myself I am only going to have the Zucca and Denaro in Tutti. Nothing else....but that Ciao is so cute...I must be strong and resist temptation.:push:

    Love your entire collection too!:p
  13. Not me.:tdown: I actually requested not to have the baby...but I did get the baby on the back of my Zucca, which if I had to have it there was better than the front.:shrugs:
  14. I love your Ciao! The print palcement is almost the same as the one I ordered. I also like the Sumo baby and he's in my print.
  15. thanks guys! i wasn't sure if i'd like the ciao after having a gioco and BV, but i've acquired a taste for small bags....and ciao is soooo kyoot! it reminds me of those tall skinny coach bags with the longer straps like these

    i need to get a little more organized to use it tho! that thing is stuffed!