Tutti Canguro @ macy's?

  1. Hello!
    Been a while since I posted..
    just wanted to ask if anyone has seen a tutti canguro at any macy's? I originally got a zucca, but I want to trade it in for a canguro (plus I ended up binge buying at our macy's when I saw they had some latte shirts, I bought 3 ($44/ea)! The SA was looked at me like I was crazy when I bought them all :push:smile:

    Thanks for the help~!
  2. I'm almost positive my Macy's has the tutti canguro. ;)
  3. I was at Macy's in NYC (Herald Square) and there were definitely loads of tutti canguros there :yes:
  4. macys in glendale galleria, ca had some tutti canguros sun when I was there.
  5. they had at least one at the macys in burbank yesterday.
  6. i saw a tutti canguro at Bloomingdales at Tysons Corners, but there was only one...and this was last week...but you could try~
  7. there were 3 tutti canguro at garden state plaza (nj) macys last saturday
  8. Macy's South Coast plaza in Costa Mesa, CA had 2 tutti canguros.
  9. This is off topic but I was at Costco the other day and I saw this guy with a tutti canguro with the plastic still attached to the qee. I was like "wow, that looks really horrible!" So ladies, I know some of you might leave the qee in the plastic, just letting you know that it doesnt look really good.
  10. thanks ladies..I might try the one at glendale...*crosses fingers*
    kula_bear...yeah, i think keeping the adios qee in the plastic would look weird, especially with a canguro.
  11. Macys Del Amo had three tutti canguros when I was there end of last week.