tutti & bianco 55% off at macy's utc now! (san diego)

  1. i hope it doesn't bother anyone that i'm starting a new thread again, but i wanted to update all the san diego locals about the macy's deals. i couldn't figure out how to edit the thread title on my other thread.

    i picked up a beautiful vacanze bv at macy's today (25 + 15% off for wearing red), and saw that tutti is 55% off now. as of tonight utc had 1 each of tutti bv ($72), zucca ($82.80), stellina ($58.50), and dolce ($36). there was a bianco canguro ($48.60) as well. they're separate from all the other tokidoki, and are with the 25%+ off clearance purses.

    there had tutti ciao ciao (3 of them) but those weren't on clearance--only 25% off like the other tokidokis. as far as i know, mission valley and fashion valley have no tutti.
  2. thanks donald for the tip! i went to both fashion and utc today. both had the signs for 25% off tokidoki's. i actually didn't buy anything... i saw a couple nottes that i was interested in... but i decided to hold back. :p
  3. I saw this at Macys at Fashion Island also, all the Tutti was 25% plus an extra 40% off. I got my 3 years old a Tutti bag (the small sling one for $36).
  4. Is this sale at all Macy's or just San Diego?
  5. i have no clue, but since ashleekieu spotted the same sale outside of san diego, if you're interested in tutti it might be worth it to drop by your local macy's.

    i wonder if the trasporto will go 55% off anytime soon. it's my favorite print and it seems much easier to get a good print placement since the characters are smaller. didn't trasporto come out the same time tutti did? but then again, notte and fumo are still full price at macy's...