Tutti Avventura bag? What do you think?

  1. So, I am anxiously awaiting the release of the Tutti print and the new style bag AVVENTURA- from what I can tell it's like a larger BV. What do you guys think this will sell for retail? :confused1:

    I am very excited about the new Adios Qee! :yahoo:
  2. I think it's way too big for my liking, but you big bag girls will probably love it :smile: I do want a new qee though...I wonder if it has been confirmed if the rest of the bags after tutti will have the adios qee as well...I hate those regular qees already and I won't be getting tutti..well at least don't plan on it.
  3. I'll guess $190 since BV is $160 & MM is $130 :shrugs:
    I'm really excited about the Adios qee too! :yahoo:
  4. For some reason I remember hearing it would retail at $210.:confused1:
  5. I think is $210 too.
  6. Yeah, it will retail at 210
  7. Damn. That was going to be my first guess.
  8. my bv is too big for me so aventura is definitely out for me
  9. What is the dimension of adventura? It's so hard to tell how big it actually is from the pic.
  10. I can't tell either- I just know its a bit larger than the BV. I wish the italian site had some more info
  11. bigger than bv, oh..i wont be getting them. phew!!
    adio qee coming for the future prints? i am sooo excited!! i love adio!!
  12. hmm...i LOVE the bv but the aventura might be a tad too big for my needs...but thats what i said about the bv before i got my citta bv so...i guess i'll have to see one in real life before i consider buying one...but i'm definitely gonna try to get a tutti MM and gioco :biggrin:
  13. I don't like the MM or BV styles .. not for me so I don't care much for Aventura either ... BUT I am looking forward to a new qee!!
  14. Is Tutti the only print that will have Adios qee? What qee will Transporto have? I hate Tutti, but might have to get a Caramella or something small just to get Adios... :graucho:

  15. hrm .. good question SisterBlue. I wanna know the answer to this too.