Tutti available at Pulse!!

  1. Saw this on Tokidokiblog. They're annoucing that Pulse has their Tutti's in! Wheeeeee!
  2. I want to see pics when people start getting their bags k? I probably won't get one...but ehh I'd like to see just to make sure I don't want one cuz there's no color :sad:
  3. wow..I went to Macy's last week, still no sign of Famiglia..and now ..tutti is out !
  4. I didn't even cut the tags off my Famiglia bag yet and Tutti is out :wtf::wtf:. Oh no!!! :sweatdrop: I think they're trying to bankrupt us!!
  5. Oooooooooooooh... I just called and they're gonna send me my pictures later today!! Whoo-hoo!!
  6. The adios qee is sooo freakin cute!!
  7. Aw poo... I have to be a member to view it. Oh well.

    I'm waiting on-line right now for Casey to send the pix... I hope it gets to me in the next 10 minutes because I don't want to be late for work!
  8. Oh my gosh, the Adios Qee is adorable! I was kind of ho-hum about Tutti but I might be changing my mind!
  9. ohh.. i so want a bunch of things in this ..
  10. aww his head reminds me of a peach... is it pointed?

    and is that a zipper I see on his front... GOSH I really want one :drool:
  11. I really like the qee and the fact that the lining is purple...but I still think I shall wait around till it's like 50% off if I ever get this print O_0 it looks huge.