Tutti at South Coast Macys

  1. I called and yes they had finally gotten their Tutti in. They had a very good selection of bags. Out on the floor they had a zucca, bvs, an adventura, bambinones, dolces, stellinas and campeggios and canguros. A very nice SA named Rocio went into the back and brought out all the Stellinas for me to pick thru. What fun:yahoo:She was great and was enjoying finding the pattern placement I wanted. I really needed to have the girl blowing bubbles and some decent pocket flaps. When she was in the back, she found a super Campeggio with the girl blowing bubbles on the front. I have it on hold and as soon as my husband gets back from the dentists off we go to exchanged it for the one I got on Saturday (which I thought was a good placement).

    I also met the Assistant Store Manager. She thought I was a sales rep at first because I knew so much. I said that is what all Tokidoki fans are like. I mentioned the forum and how we let each other know what is happening in the stores. I got her email address and explained that we would really like to see more Mamma Mias. I also found out that the extension that I was calling "handbags" is really for Coach, the correct extension for getting better information on the Tokidoki bags is 2319.
    Tutti Stellina front.jpg Tutti Stellina back.jpg
  2. Thanks for the heads up wawahki =) Geez, it's about time they got their Tutti stock in :rolleyes: hehe

    I like how they thought you were a sales rep =)