Tutti 25% Off at Macy's!

  1. If this hasn't been posted yet, all Tutti patterned bags are on sale at Macy's. They are not only 25% off, but if you still have your friends and family discount, you can get an extra 20% off! I just picked up a Scuola, Buon Viaggio & Stellina, all for under $300! They have a lot of Dolci, Bambione, Stellina, Buon Viaggio, Giocco & a few Campeggio, Aventura, Zucca & Ciao Ciao.

    They just went on sale today.
  2. noooo:huh:o:huh:o!! the macy's around me doesn't carry tutti ;____; and I really wanted a Avventura for cheap...:crybaby:
  3. Thanks for the info. ill be stoping at Macys today ... hope there will be more things left.
  4. oh my gosh! i have been waiting for this. this is bad for my wallet. i just got my adios star bv and gioco from the outlet today.... what to do? what to do? should i go check? arhhhh....:sweatdrop:

  5. i went to 2 macy's. sf stonestown has 1 ciao ciao, 1 bambino and 2 avventura. serramento has no tutti left. :sad:

  6. macys in vallco mall in san jose had a ton left this weekend..
  7. i wish our macy's carried tokidoki :crybaby:
  8. I went to VF last nite. lots of Tutti left. i was able to get a Zucca :smile:
  9. Is there a friends and family code for Macy's that works today and on ward?

    I didn't happen to notice the code expired yesterday. :'(
  10. Good thing I got all my Tutti things already! It would be hard to find the perfect tuttis! My tutti collection stands at a BV, Ciao Ciao, Gioco!, Dolce, Porto, Nuvola, and Campeggio.
  11. Macy's South Coast Plaza had a lot of Tutti bags late last night. All on sale. Good luck.
  12. thanks, i ended up with a stellina, my son talked me out of a gioco eventhough the placement was to die for for me!
  13. I went yesterday, figuring that everything would be gone if they'd been on sale for a couple of days, but none of them were on sale yet. The SA told me that if they're on sale at one store they'll be on sale at all of the stores. Gah, misinformation makes me mad!!
  14. it is on sale. i went to 2 macy's.

  15. extra 10% sale & clearance item this fri & sat @ macy's. i am in ca. so this pass only work for the west coast.

    for those of you who are lucky to have tutti at your local macy's