tution protest

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  1. One if my friends showed me this. Many are protesting a law passed recently that requires undocumented immigrants to pay "out of state" costs for college tuition.

    Hundreds join protest of migrant-tuition law

    What do you guys think?
  2. I paid it but I was legal. But out of State. Why are they special?

    editing: I switched to Texas in '93. I came from WI. I followed the rules until I was in TX one year and only then I was in-state. Um.... I paid out of state tuition until I was *legal* here. Why should illegal aliens expect special benefits? Undocumented people should pay MORE and MUCH MORE than in-state. Sorry and thank you all for playing. I am sick of sob stories when I paid thousands more to move with in my country.
  3. i think it's unfortunate because it's not just illegal immigrants (at least in my state), but the CHILDREN of illegal immigrants, many of whom were born in this country and are legal immigrants - are their parents' choices really theirs for which to pay? lack of access to a higher-level education makes it extremely difficult to break the cycle of poverty that motivated their parents to immigrate illegally in the first place, and it denies them the right that is granted to every other legal resident.

    so i think it's both sad and racist. thanks for playing.
  4. If an "undocumented" person can prove they were in a state for a year (like electric bill?) then they should get in-state tuition.

  5. Undocumented Immigrants shouldn't even be there...Let them pay the higher costs. Why in the world should we allow someone who is illegally in the United States to pay in state tuition costs, when people who are legally in the United States have to pay out of state tuition costs??

    See...do it the right way, and then there won't be stupid problems like this...
  6. I couldn't agree more. We are putting one child through college now and the other will be starting soon. The cost is astronomical.

    I know that my older daughter has told me illegal kids get lots of financial aid/free money she can't even qualify for. Something is seriously wrong here.......
  7. state schools lower the tuition for in-state students because they pay taxes that partly go to fund the schools, therefore illegal immigrants SHOULD have to pay more since they don't pay taxes.
  8. Well, I agree that it's unfair, but lots of undocumented workers do try to pay taxes (there are special programs for them to do so) and their children should benefit.
  9. The fact is, they're here whether we like it or not.

    What our problem with illegal immigrants really is seems to be that they're trying to better themselves. God forbid they risk their lives crossing hundreds of miles of dessert or pay their life savings to get crushed into the back of a cargo truck to escape the crushing proverty of Mexico (or wherever). Don't you think people like that are desperate?

    And because they're here -- and they're here to stay, why not allow them an education? I get the impression that there are some people who always want to keep others down. It reminds me of days of slavery when blacks weren't allowed to learn to read or write.

    I think we have to deal with the reality of the situation: a lot of illegal immigrants are here to stay, so let's deal with them. We don't need a bunch of undereducated, disenfranchised poor people in America.

  10. I agree with what you said and wish for people to better themselves, but I don't think the road to a better future is very possible if you're not a legal citizen in a country. I was just talking to a friend about this and he said basically, "there's no point in an illegal going to school, unless they become citizens. people only hire illegals to do the work no one else wants to or work for very low prices. no one is going to pay an illegal citizen the same as a legal one because you could get fined for having illegals working for you."
  11. I agree with you. The immigration debate is a very complex issue, it's not all black and white like a lot of people wish to believe.
  12. Which is fine...we need to work on an easier way to get immigrants legalized so they can truly take advantage of what this country has to offer AND participate in the taxation so they can give back to the country that's helping them better themselves.
    I have no real problem with immigrants. I have a problem with people acting like they deserve special treatment due to them being immigrants. My dad has busted his ass for over 50 years doing hard labor as a construction worker. Is he any more or less entitled to in state tuition costs (if he chose to go to school in another state from which he lives) than the undocumented immigrant working right next to him? No. If you're not a citizen of this country, you most certainly are not a state resident and therefore shouldn't reap the benefits of one.
  13. Exactly. Since when should criminals (people who break the law) share equal opportunities with law- abiding citizens?

    For the record, I'm not anti- immigration. Through my father, I'm a second- generation immigrant. My father however, made the effort to get here legally and didn't try to circumvent or break any laws.
  14. As a black American, I'm disgusted by your horrible analogy. Don't compare half my ancestors, who were brought here forcibly/involuntarily, to people who choose to come here and break the law. The practice isn't even analogous; not being allowed to read and write is not the same as being made to pay a little more in college tuition a year.
  15. You know...I do have to say that I'm pretty sure most undocumented workers would like to be legal citizens, but the current laws don't allow an ease of doing this. Also, business owners REALLY don't want then to become legal cause they currently pay them under the table a lower wage and don't have to report that to the IRS. Technically, the immigrants are breaking the law, but I don't think they're doing it with malice or ill intent.
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