Tushki's bag ollection

  1. 1. Hermes Birkin Red (sorry for other stuff around, just got back from Europe trip and did a lot of shopping)
    2. Celine
  2. Love the birkin...you got tons of goodies!
  3. Honey you know that's not a real Birkin right?

    In any case love the Celine's print!
  4. your birkin is.... WOW
  5. GORGEOUS Birkin, and I love the chain print on the Celine!
  6. ValleyO how can you tell the difference between a fake and a real one ?
    just wondering cos ii dnt know much about Birkin ;)
  7. Loving the Birkin!
  8. Nice Celine
  9. well, i've never seen this style of a brikin. but anyway, love the celine!
  10. Love your cat :smile:
  11. Lovin' your Birkin and all the goodies!
  12. Very nice collection. :tup: Love your cat.
  13. Beautiful Birkin! And I love the little goodies spread throughout ;)
  14. Me too! He/She is beautiful!!!:heart:
  15. Very nice Birkin! LOVE the Celine! Thanks for sharing!