Tuscan villas - please any recommendations?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Any ideas/recommendations for a villa to visit in Tuscany? Or, if there is a good hotel that you recommend. Either northern or southern Tuscany. Whatever you think would be best in the fall.

    Many thanks!!
  2. Yes, take me! Hehehehhe. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  3. I also want Tuscan Villa recommendations for 2 couples with no kids, far away from families with kids. And Florence hotel as well...

    Jet lol, yes please, take me!
  4. I stayed in Florence at Hotel Berchielli...wasn't a fan...old and musty and tiny...but perfect location.
  5. I liked Hotel le Capanne in Arezzo, it has a restaurant and the meat was the best I've ever had. I had the room with the balcony overlooking the street
  6. sierrasun1 thanks for posting this thread, i was also looking for recs!
  7. It's not in Tuscany but literally 2 minutes to Tuscany, but we stayed at a place called Val del Sasso. Mainly Germans stay there (since it is owned by a German family) but people from other countries stay there too.

    I will have to say that it's very rustical and def. not "luxury", but we spent so little time there (except for sleeping) that it didn't really matter :smile: It was absolutely beautiful though!
  8. We booked through Parker Villas (www.parkervillas.com) and thought they were very good. We stayed in Caterina I. It is well priced and we liked the fact that there were two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as we were two couples. The apartment is a couple of miles from Montespertoli which is close to Florence, Sienna, etc. You will certainly need a car if you stay there. The owners live on site and were very friendly and helpful. As we were there in the summer the pool was wonderful. In Florence we stayed at the Antica Torre Tornabuoni
  9. oops. My message took off before I could add that Antica Torre Tornabuoni is a little pricey (for us anyway), but is in the perfect location and our room had its own terrace with views of the whole of Florence, stunning. They also have a rooftop terrace for breakfast or drinks.
  10. :flowers: Thanks everybody for all your fantastic ideas!!!! I really appreciate your help!!! Thank you, thank you! :hugs: