turtlejd's little collection

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I'm new here and wanted to post my collection. This little collection started with the Aaneta Cleopatra handbag (on the upper right) a few months ago. The Hayden-Harnett bags I discovered since joining tPF and the Mercer Satchel is the softest bag ever! :love:

  2. Very nice! Love the middle grey ruffled bag.
  3. such chic and unique bags! The leather looks sooo scrumdidilyumptious
  4. nice bags, nice studded bags
  5. these'r gorgeous unique bags isnt it? :smile: nice collection
  6. Gorgeous bags!
  7. Very nice :smile:
  8. very nice collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  9. nice!
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