turtlejd's collection

  1. I wanted to share all my growing and changing collection of bags:

    My Louis Vuitton family, LV Baggy GM, and little Coach family.
    IMG_6757.JPG IMG_6833.JPG IMG_6856.JPG
  2. My Tokidoki's, Lauren Merkin and Not Rational bags.
    IMG_6847.JPG IMG_6849.JPG IMG_6852.JPG
  3. I love the Louis Vuitton totes! You have a nice collection.
  4. Nice collection - especially the LV's :smile: I have a soft spot for epi noes :love:
  5. I really like your collection! Is one of the LV's a Cabas Piano? I have that bag and love it, use it a lot. Also love the Lauren Merkins and Not Rational bags. Thanks for posting and letting us admire!
  6. Thanks for the compliments! One of my LV's is a Cabas Piano. I have both the Cabas Piano and Mezzo. The smaller one's the Piano. It's fantastic. It was my first bigger LV bag.
  7. The Not Rational bags look soft. I'm not familiar with the brand but I sure like the ones you have. And I've always been a Lauren Merkin fan, but I don't have one--crazy. Yours look great.
  8. love ur louissssss.........!:love:
  9. love the color of your epi, great photos and a cute collection :smile:
  10. Love your yellow Epi Noe!!
  11. Love the panda and Coach brown hampton bag! Great, diverse collection!
  12. Your yellow epi petite noe is a star!
    You have a beautiful collection.
  13. Thanks! :shame:
  14. Love your lv's!
  15. gorgeous lvs!