Turtle, PW Flower, Legacy Slim Tote *PICS*

  1. I thought I'd show you how the turtle and flower look on a few of my bags. I really love these charms, and they're very versatile.

    Boy, I hope I don't see more cute stuff next month...:graucho:
    slimtote1 (Small).JPG Ali1 (Small).JPG fossil1 (Small).JPG
  2. They look great!!!

    I'm definitely going to have to get that turtle!
  3. Very nice!:yes:
  4. Lovely! Your bags are great!
  5. looks great! love your slim tote.

    i might get the flower ;)
  6. is that red bag from coach? it's cute!i'm loving the new flower fob so much.
  7. I want to know that red bag too!
  8. Milo,

    No, that bag is a Fossil bag, which I absolutely adore! It's red pebbled leather with a large zipper middle interior and long outside pockets on each side.

    I used it to show how the charms look; it really brings out the beauty of the flower charm.

    I bought this bag for an upcoming international trip this summer but it may end up being a trusty year round bag!

    Legacy's still my favorite but this one is definitely loved, too!
  9. Very pretty pictures!!

    I'm totally going to have to get the turtle keyfob. It's just too cute!!
  10. Oh man, I think that turtle is going to make me sell my Watermelon. XD I NEED IT!
  11. Wow, that turtle just looks awesome on any bag, doesn't it? I may have to grab that little bugger!
  12. Very pretty things. I love that turtle, so cute.
  13. Those are so cute. Very nice!
  14. Candypalmer, I'd be more than willing to buy the watermelon off you if you decide to go with the turtle! LOL!
  15. Adorable! Love the pictures. Thanks for posting them. It's nice to see how they look on different bags. :smile: