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  1. If you already have a blue jeans birkin, would it be silly to get a turquoise birkin as well? Just a hypothetical question in case one becomes available? :angel::whistle:

    What leather do you think turquoise looks best in... swift or mysore?
  2. Were you calling out to me, specifically? I LOVE turquoise!!

    Both leathers are very pretty in turquoise, but I have to admit a profound awe for mysore. I turned down a bolide with those specs and would have considered it a mistake ever since but for it's size. The colour is so intense, I felt a 37 was rather large (just MHO) and a bit overwhelming. If it could have been smaller, a pop of intense colour... I would have died clutching that bag, mumuring something about being fulfilled :P

    Oh wait, duh the redundent part. No, not redundent, but for a Birkin you may want to branch out into other colours for the experience. It is in the same family as BJ, so maybe an earthtone, something you could make your everyday bag - if the BJ isn't already!
  3. Yes
  4. If you already have a BJ Birkin, I would go for a different bag in turquoise or even an accessory. I'm a little biased towards the turquoise accessory - I love my turquoise Bearn! I would branch out a bit, JMHO.

  5. YES! Personally I prefer turquoise. Its just a richer darker version of blue jean. I dont care for it in mysore though the shine bothers me in this color. My birkin is in swift and it is a deep velvety color in swift! Its my favorite bag ever! Turquoise to me--is more versatile than BJ and the swift is dressier than togo and clemence (most blue jean is in one of those leathers)
  6. To me, they are too close in color. I would pass or get rid of BJ Birkin in favor of Turquiose.

  7. possibly --a good point BUT it kind of depends on your wardrobe and lifestyle. For me BJ just didnt work with my wardrobe but turquoise being more of a jeweltone does. I have a variety of jeweltone bags....................I think lots of black and jeans either turq or BJ would work fine
  8. wow Irene?? I love your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!
  9. H_addict I love the colours in your H collection! Beautiful!
  10. I'd get it but I am a fanatic when it comes to loving blue! I'd love to have something in every blue shade H makes. :yahoo:
  11. Thank you kindly, ladies!:shame::love::flowers:
  12. I love my turquouise 30cm swift birkin. It is such a fun color...I have a kelly in BJ...don't take it as much. I don't know if it's the style or the color.
  13. I would pass and give the tip of where to find one to your good friend Rockerchic!:angel:

  14. Funny had BJ birkin and a kelly at one point and didnt use them much.............the turqupise is the first colored bag I really used frequently.
  15. I adore turquoise! I initially was a bit shy about the color, given that I've never cared for turquoise jewelry. The color is very versatile, and I find myself using my turquoise mysore bolide all the time. I guess the question for you would be how versatile you have found the blue jean.

    IMO, the turquoise "pops" more (without being loud) so if you have a mostly neutral wardrobe, it really can spice things up.