Turquoise Swift

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  1. Recently I saw a Kelly in the turquoise color on swift--ph. The color was deep and intense and beautiful, but I'm wondering about whether this color would go with much and whether swift is a good leather for a Kelly, or too soft?
  2. Pampered, I can understand why you're drawn to the Turquoise in Swift. I saw a Kelly in Turquoise Swift in an H store not too long ago, and I stopped dead in my tracks because it just looked so vivid and gorgeous. I am still kicking myself for not asking to try it on. At the time--my thoughts were beautiful, but not practical. But as I keep thinking about that Kelly, I don't think that is necessarily the case. I think Turquoise falls in the same category as Orange, Potiron, Vert Anis & Rouge H--colors that serve surprisingly well as a neutral-alternative. I think it depends on what you usually wear, but the Turquoise would look beautiful with blacks, greys, navy, camels/golds and of course, white. If you wear a lot of vivid color in primary shades, then the Turquoise would probably clash.
  3. I am no fashion icon, but I think turquoise is much more limited in scope than some of the other bright colors, such as orange, potiron, vert anis, or even blue jean or rouge garance, for instance, that are more "blendable" pseudo-neutrals. Just my opinion however - my disclaimer being that I am probably way too risk averse in my color choices of bags
  4. LOL JM! And I think I need to add the caveat that I am a bit too partial to color!
  5. I saw a turquoise Swift Kelly in Paris and also in NY recently. Generally I love turquoise as a color but I found the Hermes turquoise to be darker/more saturated than what my favorite shade of turquoise is. Otherwise I think I would have seriously considered it.
    If it's a shade that you really love, and if you have other neutral bags to use, then I think it is worth buying. I always think about what I can wear with each bag, but I also believe that when you fall in love with a color, you will always be happy to see it and will find things to wear with it.
  6. I am finding this thread very interesting. After I fell in love with the Lindy when trying on one at my boutique in etoupe swift a few weeks ago (which the next customer in the boutique promptly purchased), I requested one in the turquoise swift as I liked the turquoise better than the blue jean in swift and wanted something to help me reach out beyond my more neutral shades. I hope I made the right decision . . .
  7. If I came across a turquoise swift (my favourite leather) kelly in my H store, I would snatch it up right away. I wear a lot of black in the winter, and white in the summer, and that turquoise would go beautifully with both. Turquoise would also go well with jeans.
  8. I love that color!
  9. Turquoise! Me, too, I'd snatch it up in a minute! I truly believe you need to find what is "neutral" for YOU. I love vert anis and potiron, but think turquoise would be more neutral with my dark coloring, and like Birkin123, I wear a lot of black and a lot of white. I would adore a turquoise kelly. Go for it!
  10. Doing things a little backward, I recently purchased an H piece I loved.... then went looking for a small wardrobe to wear with it. I guess you're supposed to do it, the other way 'round:shame:

    Pampered....as for the softness factor, swift is soft but the slouch factor ( is this what you are wondering about??) would also depend somewhat on the size of the Kelly. Generally, the larger the bag the more slouch.

    I generally love softness/soupleness in Hermes leathers/bag styles.
  11. i've tried a turquoise swift kelly at least twice -- it looked perfect with what i happened to be wearing both times.

    because it is so vibrant i don't think of turquoise as exactly neutral -- but i can't think of a single color it wouldn't go well with. so if you like brights it think this would be a very versatile bag.
  12. I have purchased a scarf and pochette in turquoise recently and love the color which reminds me of the ocean. It'a absolutely breathtaking to see one against a white clothing. If your eyes are very much drawn to this color, then I think you should get one. It will surely cheer and brighten your day as you wear or carry any H bag or accessory in turquoise. Think of it as color therapy. What is important is how good it makes you feel and if you are happy and content, this beauty from within will radiate across everyone around you. :yes:
  13. So far, I've only seen Turquoise in Chevre and Swift - it's lovely in both, but definitely more vibrant in Swift. It also shouldn't be overly slouchy in a Kelly - soft, but not too much so. Like Orchids, I'm afraid I'm a bit biased toward color:smile:, but since you were considering it, you must have had a good feeling about it too. It will probably go with more than you'd think.