Turquoise/Seafoam Relative Rarity

  1. Hi all,

    Is the 2004 Turquoise much rarer than the 2005 Turquoise (or vice-versa)? Is the Seafoam rarer than either one of the Turquoises?

    P.S. I asked this question on the "Turquoise City anyone??" thread, but I think it got lost in the excitement! :amuse:
  2. They are both very similar, and often get mistaken for eachother.

    The '04 turquoise has brass hardware and a darker trim, the seafoam has pewter hardware and a lighter trim. The '04 turquoise is a touch more blue than seafoam, but it is still on the green size -- they are both VERY beautiful colors (seafoam reminds me of the foam at the sea (how appropriate! ;)) and '04 turquoise reminds me of the soft beautiful ocean).

    Both are highly coveted.

    Check out this blog post, it has a comparison of the two colors.
  3. Thanks Mimi - actually my question is more to do with how rare each of those colors is in relation to each other ... do you know that info?

    My impression is that, in order of most rare to least rare, it is:

    Turquoise 04
    Turquoise 05

    Is that correct?
  4. That would be correct, in my opinion. Although (in my opinion) rarity is a pretty personal evaluation, since one might feel one piece is rarer than the other, you know?
  5. I must say, I consider myself extremely lucky that I was able to get the Seafoam Weekender as it seems to be super-rare!
  6. They are both such beautiful colors! If I wasn't such a big clutz I might be tempted to look for one. I only have one light bag, a Marc Jacobs Sophia in white, and it looks okay so far, but I am almost afraid to use it...
  7. CeeJay, your weekender has brass hardware right? That's the turquoise....

    see, it's pretty hard to differentiate between the two unless you have them side by side ;)
  8. there is an ocean trigger that looks like the balenciaga seafoam - its on ebay for 189 marked down for 650