turquoise patent blue?

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  1. Hi, Ladies
    I need your wonderful insights and vision to help me to decide: I was looking for a blue patent mini for a while... My SA just called me today and stated that they heave a "bight blue"patent mini... I checked and found this year the blue tone will be turquoise patent... I was thinking of a navy blue or royal blue... I have a black caviar mini already, so next one I would like a patent and with some eye-catching blue... Any comments, should I go for this year's turquoise blue or wait to see whether the navy or royal blue comes out later? Thanks so much for all your suggestions in advance!;)
  2. Beautiful bag and color. It's defiantly an eye catcher IMO.
  3. it is beautiful and i would purchase it if offered! but if you want something darker, $2400 is a lot to pay for something you are unsure about! :smile:
  4. I think this color is gorgeous... It looks brighter in light and darker indoors. Great color!
  5. I love the color!! I'd say get it :smile:
  6. It is bright color blue! Should fit what you want
  7. its a gorgeous blue IRL, harder to capture its beauty in pics :happydance:
  8. I bought the mini and it's beautiful! The photograph attached is a good one - however, in the shade, it's a deeper turquoise color … I will try to take additional photographs of it later today. It's the BEST color tho - I would get it if I were you.
  9. Please post the picture! Can not wait to see!
  10. The color is stunning.
  11. Hmmm is both an option?? :graucho:

    I LOVE the patent turquoise for summer it is so fresh and bright... and I LOOOVE a nice royal blue for winter, super chic.

    Good luck girly
  12. It is very beautiful! I would get it :biggrin:
  13. Such a pretty colour :smile:
  14. Only here on TPF do we suggest this!!! :lolots: