Turquoise Ostrich?????

  1. I've seen several posts about turquoise ostrich but so far have not been able to get a confirmed answer on this. Does turquoise come in ostrich???? :confused1: MY SA kept telling me no but I kept seeing it mentioned here.

    Can someone please clarify this for me? Thanks.:flowers:

    Lilach? HG? SpecialistParis?
  2. K, there is a cobalt blue ostrich that looks like turquoise. the SA at H called it cobalt blue.....
  3. Ok, that's what I thought. I LOVE Cobalt Blue ostrich! I'd love to get a cobalt blue ostrich HAC 28cm upon the completion of the pink platoon:love:
  4. my SA showed me a 32cm turquoise ostrich kelly 3 wks ago. he said it was a new color for ostrich and the store had just gotten it in. the price was $11000.
  5. PBC, on the tag for that bag, it says turquoise and not cobalt blue? how does it compare with cobalt blue ostrich? And how does turquoise ostrich compare with turquoise in chevre? TIA:flowers:

    p.s. Did you see this in the Beverly Hills store or in Asia (not sure where you are)?
  6. And 11K for an ostrich Kelly 32cm?! That's really good price. When I bought my fuchsia ostrich retourne Kelly 32cm last December, it was $12500
  7. $11000 for ostrich kelly??? nice!
  8. PBC and i saw the same bag....it's a 28 kelly ostrich. the SA called it cobalt but looks like a dark turquoise. PBC and i live in the same town.....but we don't share SAs.
  9. I think Pazt is right, US$11K seems right for a 28cm ostrich Kelly retourne. I saw a fuchsia ostrich Kelly 28 retourne a few months ago at S$17K incl. tax, that works out to about US$10,625...:flowers:
  10. So bags are cheaper in SG then?:nuts:
  11. Kou, that was my first thought too, but then I realised it was something Gigi saw a few months ago.

    And prices on H bags have been creeping up, so I think the answer is, probably, no.
  12. Is it really difficult to land a Kelly in Singapore? I may move to Singapore in the future and if I land a job that pays equivalent to what I'm being paid right now, my H habit should not be an issue. The question right now is whether the bag is obtainable, well that and my finding a job in SG ...

    *sigh* Just dropped off my SO at the airport, he's heading back to Singapore tonight after having been here for a week. So it's going to be at least another 4 months before I can see him again.:Push:
  13. I think Kellys are usually easier to land than Birkins, in general.

    A couple of weeks ago I saw a TDF 28 rigide gold togo w/ white contrast stitching. :love: :heart:

    Restrained myself because I know Paris is cheaper. And there are usually a ton of Kellys there for the taking.

    Birkin waitlist in Singapore closed they say, and the wait is 2 years. Since I like instant gratification, I don't Birkin buy in Singapore.

    If you move to Singapore, will your rent be covered by the SO? It can be pretty expensive to rent in Singapore, and given your current rent-free situation, you might want to factor that in.
  14. wongnumber, in my case I'm specifically looking for exotics ... I'm guessing that would make my chances pretty much impossible? I can just see it now ... my moving to Singapore and still having to call the U.S. several times a month to buy things:lol::upsidedown:

    If I move to Singapore, my rent will be covered by my SO:yes:. However, I have also told him that I cannot move there without a job waiting for me already. I don't feel that it's wise of me to go there without a job and looking for one after I've gotten there. Also, I'm trying to get into consulting field right now (boy it's challenging to get in but it REALLY is my dream job:love:) and if I do, I will be one happy camper:yes:
  15. Hi Kou, it was pretty recent...about 2-3 months ago when I saw the Kelly. If the US$11K that Pazt mentioned is before tax, then I would think that SG price is slightly less than US :flowers: