Turquoise or Vert D'eau - help please


Which color?

  1. Turquoise

  2. Vert D'eau

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I think Ver D'Eau has more character and will hold your interest longer.
  2. Please post some pics of your turquoise when you get it!
  3. If it were -04 or -05 turq then no question I´d grab it...but if it´s an -08 I like Vert d´eau more;)

  4. I like Turquoise better - but I think it depends on your wardrobe and what you think you would use more often. For me, brighter colors are better but everyone is different! Theyre both great colors so you cant lose...
  5. turq ;)
  6. DITTO and for all the reasons you listed
  7. I say VD! To me, it's more of a rare color to get vs. turquoise. It's just "refreshing" to look at (quoted by my mother... ).
  8. I vote for Vert Deau as well! I have VD and the 08 Turq and they are both gorgeous, but Vert Deau is special!!