Turquoise or Vert D'eau - help please

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Which color?

  1. Turquoise

  2. Vert D'eau

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. For the life of me, I can't decide which color to get, I love them both, opinions please. TIA :smile:
  2. Turquoise.
  3. Definitely turquoise for me!
  4. Turq
  5. I say vert d'eau! It's such a lovely color! I know it's a bit more difficult to maintain, but it's worth it! I so want a vert d'eau sooo badly!
  6. Both are really lovely top-notch bbag colors but I say Turq...if you're anything like me the Vert D'eau would be stained and a mess within a month.
  7. 05 or 08 Turq? I like Turq better than Vert d'Eau because it's a more outstanding color and I like bright, vibrant colors on Bbags. ;) Good luck!
  8. Both are very nice but I say: Go for turquoise! :okay:
  9. Both are truly great colors. However, if I have to choose one from them, my vote goes to Turquoise, esp. the 05 one, which is truly outstanding.
  10. Which Turq???
  11. Both are great colors, but if I could only pick one ... I'd definitely pick Turq!
  12. My vote goes to Turquoise!
  13. Another vote for Turquoise:smile:
  14. I wanna know which turq before voting ;) 04 dark, 04 light, 05 turq, 08 turq?

    and I want to vote! polls are my favorite :lol:
  15. First vote for Vert D'eau! Its such a great color for spring! Vert cool minty ice cream. Its luscious :drool: and unlike any other Bal color! Not as electric as Turq. but still a great pop of color!