Turquoise Mini or CWC?

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  1. I'm in love with this season's turquoise color but I'm having a hard time deciding if I should get it in mini or cluch with chain? Currently in my collection, I have several flaps and reissues, a few wocs, 1 boy and 1 mini. Should I get a CWC to add varieties in my collection? How do feel about CWC style? TIA!
  2. I say you go with the mini! With your collection already, you have a kind of classy clutch with you WOC, I don't really see a need for a CWC
  3. Personally, I would go with a mini because I would be able to style it more. I would rather get the CWC in a more neutral color palate, like either red, navy or cobalt blue, gray, beige, or even black, because of how big it is. But that's just me! I myself am looking for the mini or WOC in turqoise because I think it's a fun pop of color, but not too much color that I wouldn't be able to wear it often!
  4. mini!
  5. I feel you are more leaning towards CWC so go for it!

    CWC fits probably the same as mini given the larger surface and limited depth.

    Yes I agree it will add different dynamics into your collection.

    But mini is more casual while CWC is a bit formal (but you can always mix a and match for both of them).

    So anther thing to think about is you want a casual look or a clutch with a classic look? Which one you can get more use out of?
  6. Mini
  7. Mini in turquoise would be cute!
  8. Mini.
  9. Thanks everyone. Looks like the mini won. Now I'll have to hunt one down.
    Another dilemma though....square mini or rectangular?:smile:
  10. Mini..... Love minis!!!
  11. Mini
  12. Rectangular!
  13. Definitely mini!
  14. mini +1
  15. Mini!!:smile: