Turquoise Mini Classique

  1. I came across a 04 turquoise mini classique, it is soooo cute!! However it is a little small for me also there are stain spots on the front, strap, and sign of usage on the handle. The seller is willing to sell at $500, should I get it? Girls please help me decide!!! Actually my first priority is a seafoam, what should I do??? Should I get this or should I wait :wondering
  2. Mocean thank you for your opinion!! I was in doubt too because it is not my most wanted color and style, and I agree it is not that great of a deal. It is not the same seller, the seller I talked to is from Taiwan. Maybe I should keep looking and wait to get another. :idea: Anyway here are the pictures:



  3. wow- they took some nice photoshoot pics!

    well- if it isnt the evil seller :lol: then you're already better off even at a higher price! its a great color ;) have you tried on this size? if its good for you... also the mini usually goes for about $3-400 on eBay, so its not THAT expensive. depends on how much you want it, the condition is good to fair i'd say.
  4. Thank you for your opinion I greatly appreciate it :angel: I haven't try on this size before, the first I have is just the right size for me, so I will imagine this is probably going too small..... plus I already bought other bags this month, maybe I should calm myself down now and wait till later :shame:
  5. i think it's too small, i prefer mini twiggy than this size :P
  6. Yep, it's pretty small. And they are a little hard to re-sell, because of the size. Although with Turq that may prove less of a problem. But I say don't settle. You'll just end up re-listing it on Ebay!
  7. ITA with the other ladies here--it's too small. Don't settle. It's a gorgeous color, but it would be better in a bigger size.
  8. i'm with you on that one pupster, it's too small for the big $$$ :yes: (although i did just buy a b-bag wallet :shame:smile:
  9. awww... look how cute it is! hehehehe!
  10. I think it is adorable :love:
  11. Cute bag and very pretty colour but ultimately not practical.

    Burukogepanda, is that a doggie or kitty in your avatar? I wanna say kitty.. but s/he is wearing a top? Do kitties wear tops?:graucho: Excuse my ignorance..:shame:
  12. yes, yes, i wanna know the same thing, he/she's adorable :smile:
  13. Haha yes she's my darling kitty!! I know many people had the same question for me :roflmfao: I came across a very cute Juicy Couture hoodie for pets, and I couldn't resist to buy it because it is just too adorable! So I bought it and tried it on my cat, sorry I make her look really funny... but she is still cute :P :heart:
  14. wow, girl, i absolutely can't get over how adorable your kitty is!!!...and i was just in the new "juicy" store in nyc the other day & saw that top :rolleyes: ...if my doggy was a girl, i would have totally gotten it for him (lol!!!)...can you post another picture of your kitty for me (?)...the one thing in the world i'm more nuts than bags over, is animals :love: