turquoise metallic perforated ramona

  1. Hi All Choolovers,

    I just saw a metallic perforated ramona in turquoise and NO STUDS, I think it is really edgy and unique....

    It is so different since the color is a mixture of turquoise and metallic gold. But I am not sure whether it would look better in Riki as it's a bit shiny...

    What do you all think? Sorry I have no pictures, but just imagine a gold perforated ramona with a shade of turquoise and no metal studs.
  2. Is this at a Choo boutique somewhere? I thought all the perforated Ramonas had those horrible studs?
  3. Yes, it is in a choo boutique in Asia. This one does not have studs, like regular ramona, only perforated.
  4. Is this the purse you saw in the boutique??
    IMG_8170.JPG IMG_8173.JPG