Turquoise Medium Ergo Hobo Available at JAX!

  1. Hi ladies,
    I've been eyeballing the pond patent ergo hobo for a while now and while it's beautiful, I'm just not crazy about the color for myself. But....I LOVE the turquoise one (style #10740). I haven't had luck on eBay and am actually a little scared to buy off of eBay given a bad experience recently, so I took a shot and called a couple of outlets. No luck at the outlets, so I figured it might be worth calling JAX. The said that they had a 'limited number' available, but it was available! So...I used a gift card for part of the payment and bought it. I'm so psyched! :yahoo:

    I LOVE this color and am kicking myself for not finding it when it was at the outlets!

    There are a couple of turquoise items on eBay too if anyone is interested!
  2. Congrats!! I love that color! Please post many pics when you get it!!
  3. How exciting! Congrats! Its such a great feeling when you finally get "that bag" that got away. :yahoo:
  4. congrats! :tup: I love the turquoise too, but the drop on those are too short for me.. I have to have the drop of the newer ones. :tdown:
  5. How great you found what you were looking for! Post pics when it arrives.
    Off topic: you puppy dog is the cutest!!!
  6. Congrats!

    I have the turqoise tote and I love it!!
  7. Congrats! I have the large one with the Turnlock in Turquoise.
    I know you will love your bag. Please post pictures when you
    receive it.
  8. Thanks for all the good wishes. I'm very excited!

    Fields....I have a chocolate sig ergo hobo (11290)...do you think the strap drop with this one will be a lot shorter? I didn't even think of that!

  9. Thanks for the doggy compliment! He's snuggled up with me on the couch now. With windy Chicago weather, neither one of us want to venture outside today! :p
  10. The strap is shorter :yes:
  11. How much of a difference is it? I find the strap on my sig ergo to be a little stiff right now....