Turquoise is a chameleon or Peacock? PICS

  1. This is another one of those hard to photograph bags. In the morning sun, it looks less turquoise. Noonish, more turquoise and in the late afternoon sun, postitively aqua. I don't know if it is the reflection of the sky and water or the changes in the sun, but this is definately one of the biggest chameleons. Blue India was worse. I tried and tired to get a picture of my Mom's that was actually accurate and never did really get an accurate one.The camera just would not capture the Carribean blue that my eyes were seeing.
    My friends think my turquoise is identical to one of the colors in the tail feathers of a peacock. I think they are absolutely right. :yes:

    Here are pictures at different times of the day, look at the difference in the colors:

  2. it's beautiful whether chameleon or peacock
    I love that one color is many colors
    congrats on your new bag!
  3. Colors of peacock. In the final picture is I see so many Balenciaga colors and possibities. Maybe I should send it to them to remind them that are lots of bright colors available and we have enough greens, browns and blues that all look similar. I would love to see a marriage between bubblegum and magenta. A hot pink but not muted like rose.

  4. It looks beautiful in all the pictures! I loove it

    PS. is that peacock in your backyard?! If so,lucky you.
  5. OMG girl, :nuts: look at that gorgeous bag and the peacock:nuts: both awsome and drooling. :drool: It is going to look absolutely wonderful with your beautiful Blond Hair. Enjoy it.:heart:
  6. PP, your bag is beautiful no matter when you take the photo. Love it!

    That peacock is gorgeous... the blues and greens are just so beautiful, my favorite colors. Peacocks are a favorite of mine, don't know how I would like one living out and about in the neighborhood. I hear they can be quite noisy and leave nice little peacock presents about. They are beautiful though.
  7. No peacocks in my yard. LOL I wish they were. In that last picture I see magenta, turquoise, marigold, bubblegum, Indigo. I want some more WOW colors from Balenciaga. I'm tired of having to hunt down and pay high prices for old ones. :rolleyes: Isn't it just as easy to make WOW colors as it is to make 5 greens, 5 blues and 3 browns? sheesh Balenciaga, be creative. :p
  8. I know exactly what you mean !!:yes:
    You just cannot get the true beauty of the 05 turquoise in pictures !!!:love:

    BTW....I have peacocks in my neighborhood....they're AWESOME !!!
    Here is a pic of one I saw hanging out in a tree:
  9. That's a great description of it. So, abot blue india - it looks a lot like a sky blue, soft turquoise in pics. What would be a better description of it?
  10. :drool: :drool: i think im going to have to check myself into a hospital... maybe i'll join LiLo in rehab!
  11. I think Blue India is generally a more "muted" blue than turquoise...definitely "softer", yes, but IMO, it can almost look like it has some gray tones to it... :shrugs:
  12. The color of the turquoise is absolutely beautiful. I especially like the way it projects a blue color in the first pic. Seeing the bag makes me want to be in the Caribbean again. Soon enough I'll be back, but your pictures will have to hold me over during these single digit temps in Kansas ..... burrrrr.
  13. :drool: You are killing me with the pics of the Turquoise!
    Keep 'em coming! :p
  14. :nuts: So beautiful:nuts:

    Would love to see more more more! Maybe one at sunset, perhaps?:love:
  15. I totally agree........I saw blue india IRL and it was nothing like what I'd seen in photos. Much more vibrant and beautiful IMO. Love your turquoise bag.....it's beautiful.