turquoise? ink? berry red? which one?!

  1. i really want a new balenciaga (don't we all :lol:) i was wondering what color you guys suggest and in what style.

    personally i like the ink in twiggy, turquoise in twiggy or city, and berry red in city...

    are these all really hard to find? thanks so much guys!!
  2. Turquoise 2005 City! I sold one about a week ago....too bad you missed it because it's such a beautiful color! I'm getting a turquoise 2005 first soon so will post pics.
  3. haha you know what? i actually fell passionately in love with your turquoise when i saw the post (few days too late). i was so upset when i saw the end of the thread when it said it was sold =(
  4. The Ink Twiggy is cute and would be the easiest to find of the bags you listed.

    I don't recall ever seeing a Turquoise Twiggy listed (may have missed one at some point, and there's always a first time for everything). The Turquoise City is nice, but again, it's from a prior season and may be somewhat difficult to find.

    I'm not a huge fan of the Rouge or 2003 Berry Red in the City style. This is an amazing color, but I think it looks best in the smaller style bags.
  5. the turquoise twiggy is GORGEOUS!!!! actually the turquoise color is gorgeous period haha
  6. I really love all of the blues in the Twiggy. I just got my Indigo twiggy yesterday. TO DIE FOR! Ink is great!
  7. what does the indigo twiggy look like?
  8. Well,
    its a very rich blue, looks kind of dark until you get in the sunlight and its undertones are really bright. Does anyone have an indigo pics. they can post until I get mine up Sat? It is so beautiful:love:
  9. Ink is this season's colour so it'll be the easiest to find. Rouge red shows up occassionaly on ebay but turquoise is very rare.
    If I could find all three colours, my first choice would be the turquoise, second the ink and third the rouge red:idea:
  10. Can I say all 3:love: :lol::lol::lol:I love my ink- it goes with just about everything! But I also love turquoise- although it might not be as versatile. BUT GORGEOUS nonetheless.
  11. I would say get an ink city - but i'm biased. I'm absolutely in love with mine:love: But since this isnt in any of your choices I would vote for the ink twiggy.
  12. If you are lucky enough to find a turquoise..get it!!! :biggrin: my next choice would be Ink. The more pictures I see of it the more I fall in :love: :love: :love:
  13. I have the ink City, and it's fabulous. But I would go for the turquoise if you can get it, because it is SO hard to come by. And if you don't like it, it would be easy to sell. The ink is really versatile, though...I love mine!
  14. Here is a picture of my indigo twiggy:biggrin:
  15. My first pick is turquoise twiggy or city, then an ink city! Good luck girl! :P