Turquoise in m/l?

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  1. Just curious. Does anyone know if that turquoise color comes in anything in M/L? Patent, caviar OR lamb? I am loving that color.
  2. Only patent so far as I know.
  3. Turquoise is available in lambskin but not sure if available in the US. I know it's available in the jumbo size, again not sure of the m/l. Wish I had more info I love the turquoise!
  4. I saw M/L lamb in Toronto, Canada week ago, when i was searching for the lamb WOC
  5. I sooooooooooo need to be in Canada about now!
  6. they had the jumbo lamb on display today. sadly no lamb woc yet :nogood:
  7. I'd be quite content with the M/L or a mini. :smile:
  8. I saw them posted on European reseller IG accounts (more than one)!

    So I know they are out already. And I see them in patent and lamb in m/l and jumbo. Also available in Boy.
  9. Is the boy lamb turquoise has the same color of the classic or slightly different ?
  10. Department stores:
    Nm is getting it in patent jumbo
    Saks is getting lamb in m/l
    Bloomies is getting lamb in jumbo and maybe mini if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Do you have a SA for the mini at bloomies? Thank you!
  12. I saw a turquoise patent ML at soho boutique yesterday.
  13. a turquoise lamb boy sounds very tempting to me :P
  14. lamb in m/l sounds delicious as well..omg This season have way too much beauties.. :broom:
  15. No....I don't. I just know their list has it