Turquoise GD on Ebay France

B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
cougess said:
Its my bag - I purchased it at Bergdorf's for $415. I can't believe that some of you think I'm "taking advantage" of anyone or committing highway robbery by listing the bag for $500! After ebay listing fees, ebay final value fees and paypal fees, my "profit" if the bag sells for $500 will be about $50!!! I can't even buy a change purse for that! I've paid much more than retail for many bags I've bought on ebay because I wanted the bag. I've also sold many of my bags below retail because I went overboard on a certain type or style of bag, or decided that I'd rather have the cash. That's what ebay is for. If the bag does not sell, I'm going to return it, but since I have other ebay listings, I thought I'd try to sell the darel bag before returning it to BG. If it doesn't sell, its not a big deal to me, I'm only out shipping. And, I am offended that anyone thinks I'm trying to take advantage of any forum members - lets get real - $500 for a bag that cost me $415 and has never been used is hardly taking advantage of anyone.
That is with tax, right?


Sep 22, 2005
I didn't mean to offend you by saying that I was surprised to see that it is sold so much more than the original Euro230 and wonder if anyone is going to bid on it. I guess I had a mental block that ebay is for good deals because they are 2nd hand goods, of course it is not true, there are many limited edition /rare stuffs for sales. Good luck anyway, hope you get what you want instead of having to return it to BG. BG is taking a big cut for sure especially they buy with wholesale prices!


Jan 5, 2006
I did not have to pay tax - I was charged $20 for shipping.

European goods always cost more in the US because of import taxes etc. Chloe and Balenciaga etc are cheaper in europe for americans b/c we can buy it without having to pay the VAT which averages around 17% in the EU countries.

If it doesn't sell its not the end of the world for me. My new rule is to only buy bags from places that take returns!