Turquoise First Just listed on Ebay!!

  1. Another Turquoise first was just listed on ebay......2005.....looks lovely;)
  2. neat! i went an oogled. nice color just not for me :]
  3. I like the leather on this one better than the last;)
  4. oh man!!! i want this bag to be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Go HELEN, it's your turn noww!!!! Good luck!!!
  6. thanks hatikuh
    i just hope i get it... who knows... its me against the other Turquoise fans.... :lol: geez, its such a wonderful colour and i WANT it... i hope the eBayer answers my questions.... hehehehe! fingerscrossed!!!! thanks so much for the heads up :amuse:
  7. Good luck, helen, you deserve it!!!
  8. Yummmmmm...
  9. Go helen! I really hope you get this one!
  10. I'm guessing this person listed after seeing how much the last bag went for!!

    GO HELEN!!! :smile:
  11. I wonder what price this one will go for. :amuse: