Turquoise First 05!!

  1. yeah... come on b-bag sistas!!! SOMEONE PLEASE GET THIS!!! geez, i wish i could this one too!!! LOL... i'd love a room filled up with Turq 05!!! hehehe!!!
  2. Wow !!!:wtf:
    I think I am in love :heart: What a beautiful color !!!
  3. gorgeous color! so rich.
  4. Is seller a Pfer? We need to invite her! :graucho:
  5. The turq 05 colour is STUNNING!!!!! I have it in the Mini twiggy size and always get compliments when I take her out for a spin. The colour's as eye-catching as magenta, IMHO.... :smile:
  6. I want...but I can't afford. :sad:
  7. the seller is sweetsparkle!!! goodluck on the sale sweetie!!!:love: :yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous! I hope her photos won't get stolen though...!
  9. Just GORGEOUS :nuts: - I love this color, I've had this bag last year but unfortunately sold it, I really regret :crybaby: ! Good luck with your sale sweetsparkle :love:
  10. So pretty! Good luck, sweetsparkle!
  11. yup this is my bag :smile: :heart:
  12. goodluck Cat!!! yummy bag!!! :yahoo: :heart:
  13. it ended :sad:
  14. congrats to the one who got it!!!!:yahoo:
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