Turquoise Ergos.........

  1. Seriously, how many of us are truely searching for one? Personally I have been for a while now but have noticed I'm not the only one:upsidedown:
    If so which are you on the hunt for??:woohoo::search:
  2. The medium turquoise ergo hobo...I am secretly praying it comes out again in the belted version!!!!!!!!!
  3. I would, but the drop on those was too short for my taste.. if they came out with it again in the longer current drop length then I would be all over it! :yes:
  4. I wanted the large ergo hobo. :girlsigh:
  5. I'm just tired of thinking about it because we're still a year out and already stupid things are happening that could be avoided. I just wish people would pull their heads out of their collective you-know-whats and that's the only reason I really wanted something pretty (pond patent, etc)...it's been a really crappy couple of months and it isn't going to get better for another 2 years! I was expecting it to suck next year but not right now, sheesh. And now I can't even buy pretty things to look at! (I know that isn't the priority in life but it's hard sometimes).

    Sorry to vent like that.
  6. I want one too! Since we don't have any outlets in Canada, the boutiques mark down the deletes and put them out on boxing day. When I went in, my store in Vancouver had the medium and large Ergo hobos in turquoise as well as the medium and large totes. I DIDN"T BUY ONE!!!:crybaby:Why, you ask? Because I am STUPID! After getting home and looking at some of your pics, I immediately regretted it and phoned the boutique the next morning. They were all GONE!:crybaby:I phoned the outlets that are 2 hours away from me across the border and they have none. Looks like the turquoise ergo will never happen for me...and I have only myself to blame. I plan on consoling myself with the patent pond one though, so I should be able to recover.:graucho::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  7. That is just awful. Its o.k. to vent thats what were here for. Hang in there things will get better!:yes:
  8. Thanks Kimmie...I've tried talking about it in other forums (hence the threads) and everyone is so nice, but they don't really see a lot of me and I don't get a lot of responses, so I feel like I can just let it all out on here better...you know? It's just frustrating because (HELLO!!!) we could die, and that's how you want to leave it? By being difficult and saying you don't want to help us? (I'm talking to his parents right now in my mind, lol)

    I know his parents are scared...I mean everyone is scared, but they are dealing with it the wrong way. And it's alienating us, and that's not how we should be leaving...if that makes sense.
  9. Candace I just readyour thread about your doggies and I just wanted to tell you that I hope things work out for you...

    I was trying to see your in laws point of view but Im having a really hard time doing so.. It just seems like so many people have so many mixed views about this war but as your family they should put their opinions aside and support you guys... and your doggies!

    It breaks my heart that they are taking this stand :sad: I dont even wanna imagine how your hubby feels!
  10. Thanks sweetie...I tried to see things from their side, as well, I always can rationally explain both sides....but then there comes the time to do the right thing.

    I don't want to hijack the turquoise thread....eep. it just made me realize how sad I've been!