Turquoise Ergo or Signature MultiStripe Tote?

  1. Hi Ladies! I've been on a COACH spree this past week. With the PCE and not being offered a job I interviewed for (:sad:), I've been going kind of crazy with buying cute stuff--retail therapy, I suppose. I'm happy where I am in my current position, but this job would have been something new for me. Anyway, so I bought the Signature Multi Stripe Shoulder tote and the matching skinny last night, but I think I want the turquoise ergo instead. I bought the black signature ergo (small size) during my retail therapy a few days ago and love it. The "little" bag is roomy!

    Can you help me decide? Should I return the shoulder tote and go for the turquoise ergo? I really want something in the multi stripe, but I don't know if I want it in the form of a bag. :s

  2. TOTALLY GO FOR THE ERGO TOTE! It is TDF...GORGEOUS BAG! The leather is buttery soft! The Legacy Stripe Lining is YUMMY!!! :drool::drool: I just got mine for PCE yesterday! It is PERFECT - the color goes with EVERYTHING! It holds a TON but is not huge looking or heavy. The color will go YEAR ROUND!!! For ME, it is the PERFECT BAG!!!!!!!!!! You can always keep the Sig Multi Stripe accessory to go IN your Ergo Tote :yes: That's what I would do.

    SO...did I sell you on it?!?! :p
    IMG_2117.JPG IMG_2118.JPG
  3. ergo, ergo, it holds a lot is comfy and is great with anything!
  4. Hi Purse-O-Nality! Your bag is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! I SO love the legacy lining! Is your bag the smaller size? That's the one I want!
  5. Get the Ergo tote in turquoise. It is a great bag in a great color that will work with so much in your wardrobe. The color really pops a neutral outfit. I have the Patent Red Ergo tote and the size and shape of the bag is perfect.
  6. Hi Liz! Is the patent red ergo available in the boutique?
  7. I also have the turquoise Ergo in medium and love it. I'd trade.
  8. I vote for the turquoise ergo tote...it goes with so much and can be a year round bag. Coach doesn't do too many colored leathers, and this one is really pretty...

    Purse-o-nality--LOVE that charm on your bag!

    I ordered the red patent ergo tote but haven't received it yet--check out the recent thread with pics if you'd like to see that one, EmilyAnne_SD!:tup:
  9. Thank you!!! YES, mine is the 'smaller' tote...NOT the Large one. I LOVE IT and it holds a TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. THANKS everyone! I've called my COACH boutique and put a turquoise ergo (small size) on hold for me. I'm going to pick it up today....after I return the shoulder tote! Thanks everyone!
  11. Great choice! I've never really been able to get into the multi-stripe- i think it might be just too many conflicting patterns.
  12. Congrats on the new turquoise ergo tote -- I'm sure you'll love it! And keep the multi-stripe skinny to feed the multi-stripe desire!
  13. My vote is ergo!!!!!!!
  14. ERGO!! I have the large leather Ergo tote in turquoise and I adore it. Actually, you can't go wrong with any of the colors it comes in. The shape is great, I love the Legacy lining and it just fits the body so nicely.
  15. SIG MULTI STRIPE, IMO the ergo doesn't stay on the shoulder that well.