--->TURQUOISE ERGO HOBOS<--- *Which to keep?*

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You need to keep the.......

  1. Definetely the Medium!

  2. No way! Keep the large silly!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Need your opinions girls! Do I keep my large turquoise ergo hobo, or my medium....I'm not sure which to choose.:shrugs: HELP!:tup:

    Sorry no pics of the medium;)

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  2. I love the large in this style. I have a large turquoise tote and a medium turq hobo. The hobo only goes out on weekends as I like a larger bag for daily use.
    I am thinking of sneaking to the outlet today to see if they have any large hobos left in camel.
    Good luck on your decision.
  3. I love my large black ergo hobo and when I see smaller ones at the outlet I go "hmph" and pass them by. lol Keep the large, silly is how I voted.
  4. Large.
    Size matters. ;)

  5. :lol:I love it!!:lol:
  6. I was always jealous they used the turnlock for the pocket on the large. So, the large one!
  7. Keep the medium and send me the large!!
  8. The bigger the better!!!! Stay with the large! :graucho:

  9. :roflmfao: I agree with justbrowsing!
  10. All my Ergo hobos are large 'cause I like them that way!! :yes: I just love the way they slouch, the drop, and the capacity even though I don't fill them up. Keep the large!!
  11. I think the answer is very obvious.... THE LARGE!!!

    Or... why not both?
  12. Absolutely, positively keep the large. I don't even carry much in my purse but I love having a large purse so I don't feel claustrophobic. Hope I spelled that right!!
  13. Honestely I just dont get enough use out of both since they are so similar. Thanks for your opinions!!:tup:
  14. Large all the way!
  15. I like the large size of the ergo's so much better than the medium, in both the totes and the hobos. I say the large!