Turquoise City on Ebay Now!

  1. Saw that! It's gorgeous and appears to be authentic.
  2. :biggrin: Gorgeous and authentic - I hope someone snags it up - :biggrin:
  3. its so cute...but it looks a tad dirty, no?
  4. Is this SpecialK's?

    I need to add another character/ sentence to this because the bot told me that it was too short. :P Anti-spam I take it??
  5. Yup, it's mine. It's not dirty at all, might just be the lighting.

    I just bought it last week from Sweetsparkle, but I bought 4 b-bags within a week and I'm being forced to sell this one :cry:

    I really dont want to, I wore it out once and it is so beautiful, especially out in the daylight.

    100% Authentic.
  6. That is :love: !!!!!

    Anyone want to buy an apple green classique? :shame: :P
  7. I think ETenebris was looking for one (and so are a few others, I can't remember)... good luck SpecialK!!! I :love: this
  8. I want both the turquoise and the apple green :sad2: Why cant I have my cake and eat it too!!!
  9. Am I crazy for selling it? Should i just keep it and forget about the money?
  10. you are crazy! If I have the $$ I would snapped it up right now!
  11. I think that you should keep it! It's so nice!
  12. Yes...you should at least keep it until I have the money! :lol: So it is not the color it looks in the pics? More blue? It looks gorgeous! I WANT IT! But sadly today was tax day, and it hit me pretty hard. :sad: No bags for a little while.
  13. i love the turquoise 2005 color because it's so fun. but if you feel you need to free up funds then sell it. i'm sure another will pop up soon. i got the turquoise city and first within a week of each other so anything is possible :biggrin:
  14. No, its definitely more blue. I dont take very good pictures :sad2: I'll try to take some more pictures tonight and see if I can get a pic closer to the actual colour.

    Unless I change my mind about selling it....oh I am so torn. I know if I sell it I will regret it:unsure:
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