Turquoise City anyone?!?!

  1. WOW ..... GORGEOUS bag .... I LOVE mine so much !! GOOD LUCK to all who want this rare bag :yes: ;) :love:
  2. omg omg omg!!!! omg omg omg!!!

    k, i'm such an ass!!! i didnt open the link up before i posted.... hehehehe, i thought it was 05.... geez, im st0opid!!!
  3. Ooo... I think I'm going to get it................ :graucho:
  4. go, bev! lol
  5. GOOD LUCK Beverly .... it's a good price for it ;) :yes:
  6. Sweet, I hope a pfer gets it!
  7. Omg... the leather on this bag is so amazingly soft and smoosh.
  8. yum yum yum!!!!
  9. Aaaaaw. I'll pretend I did not see it and keep on saving for my furniture instead. C'est la vie. So frustrating! :biggrin:

    (OMG it really looks amazing!)
  10. Whoa, the seller, or the previous owner, kept the bag is amazing condition... Check out those handles, I've never seen a turquoise that's so clean before. I wonder if I can ask her for tips, or do seller only answer product-related qs? :biggrin:
  11. lol~~i was wondering the same thing:lol:
  12. Go for it. I'm curious too. Maybe you can invite her to tPF too. :graucho:
  13. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, I think she is a PFer;)
  14. spiral and bb, i was thinking the exact same thing too. this is in really good condition! someone definitely go for it.