turquoise boobie on Ebay

  1. IT's so adorable! :P
  2. That's so cute! Gorgeous colour!
  3. i don't really understand the point of these, and why in gods name call it a boobie, apart from the fact that it looks like one
  4. I think the official name for this purse is called "The Planet" :biggrin:
  5. yeah, i think it's actually called the planet if you went in the store to buy one...but it was nicknamed the boobie, cause you know...
  6. agreed! sorry, guys, but somehow i can't wrap my brain around the idea of carrying something called a 'boobie'!
  7. ^ Then don't call it that... ;)
  8. i think it is meant for carrying keys and change and other little things you dont want rolling around your purse, I think its cute.
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