Turquoise birkin - your opinions needed!

  1. What do you ladies think of the color for a clemence birkin with GH? it's a bright color, but I wanted something different & more fun than my usual neutral tones... i already have black, etrusque (cross between gold and potiron), raisin, potiron, rouge H, and gold (birkins, kellys, bolides). i thought it a good comprimise between brighton blue, blue jean and vert anis (although i love VA, green does not look good with my complexion).

    does turquoise go with a lot?
  2. Honestly, I love the turquoise color. Believe or not I wear it with light gray business suit all the time. I ever wear turquoise jewelry with whites shirts and suits as well. It will depend on your preference but it is a fun color with light colors and stands out with dark ones
  3. I would get one in a heartbeat! I LOVE my bright colors!:love:
  4. i'm not a big fan of Turquoise or Blue Jean with GH. i think those colours deserve hardware to compliment the "cool tone" colours. then again, to each their own so only you can say for sure. the Turquoise itself is pretty and would go with many things.
  5. OMG babyhart, turquoise is just TDF, I think it's even nicer than BJ, I'd LOOOOVE to have one, and I like the idea of gold HW too.
    It's strange because if I had to choose a BJ, I would take it with palladium HW, but if I had to choose turquoise I would definetly choose gold HW.

    I am absolutely enthousiast. Go for it.:yes: :yes: :yes:

    Hey, by the way, I am absolutely in love with raisin, and I am seriously thinking about it for my next order, do you have a picture of yours? What is it?
  6. I think it's even nicer than BJ, I'd LOOOOVE to have one,

    I can't agree more... :yahoo:
  7. I love the turquiose! I think it would be great to wear with greys, creams, black, etc. really makes your outfit pop all year around!!
  8. Turquiose seems to be one of the "new" neutrals in that it goes with almost everything. I say a folded Kelly in turquoise and it was a great color.
  9. Although I like the color, I did have a turquoise birkin and grew tired of it...JMO though!
  10. i worry about the "growing tired" part of it... for years, i loved all bags red, but now i'm bored of the color. i've been very into blues lately... bj is too cool a color for me, but I have a Tod's bag that's waaaay too similar to the brighton blue and I don't want to give up b/c the texture of the bag is lovely. turquoise seems like a fun color to perk up my neutral outfits (especially in NYC winters). i actually like that there's GH, it's something different, warms the color.
  11. i would want a turquoise birkin/kelly/constance, esp. with GH! that's one color i don't have and would really want one in the future. is such a fun bright color that's perfect for the summer!

    babyhart, get it!
  12. I like Turquoise--does it come in Clemence? I've only seen Turquoise in Chevre and it's so lovely!
  13. I have lots of 19th c. turquoise jewelry set in gold. My opinion (YMMV): turquoise and gold are gorgeous together.

    If I had as many neutrals as you do, I'd get turquoise in a heartbeat. It seems like you could probably pass it on without taking a huge loss if you did actually get tired of it later. I'm not sure I ever would, and I'm not a hugely into blue.

    Dallas had several window arrangements with turquoise and vert anis together, and they really pressed my "want it" buttons. Gorgeous colors, and I'm not a VA person either, since it turns my skin a really unpleasant, sickly color. I love it on other people, just not on me.

  14. wow, i can totally see turquoise with grey! no doubt you rock that color! what kind of work do you do?

    DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY PICS? I saw one with Shoes in an old thread, and it looked lovely!
  15. thanks pazt... i'm actually committed to buying one from an eBay bid, below retail. it's authentic, from paris last year.

    oh, the other reason I like this color is b/c I can see it being casual yetI can take it out at night and it would be eyecatching. It also seems like a fun color when I'm out with the kids or traveling and not so "formal" as my other colors.