Turquoise bags?

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  1. Ive seen a lot of people post photos of turquoise bags lately and I am in love with the color. Anyone have any favorite shapes for the turquoise? I am thinking about purchasing one. I think it will look great for spring/summer.
  2. My fave is Tano's pool color.
  3. Thats what got me started on my quest... another member posted a photo of that bag. The color is gorgeous.
  4. love turquoise!!!
  5. yes i was going to start a similar thread, i really want a turquoise bag! the tano pool color looks nice, but i have only seen stock pics, i want to see someone's actual pics if anyone has them.
  6. Yes Turq bags are great esp. for spring. I've always wanted one but I've been so picky bc the turq bag I want has to be an '05 turq bal I don't care what style as long as I can get an '05. I don't like how the '08 turq bal was too light not the pop I was looking for. But def. get a turq bag for the s/s.
  7. love turquoise for the summer
  8. I like the Hayden Harnett Lorca for a turquoise bag.

  9. There are some modeling pics of the pool color in the TANO bags thread. It's of the crackberry bag and the color is very true to teh stock pics. HTHs :smile:
  10. I am waiting for my Tano My Photo in pool from Musthavebags; I had the foresight to have Alex order it for me! A friend of mine got a Coach in their version of pool patent, a much more caribbean green/blue but still a gorgeous color. I like my turquoise bright!
  11. I really like the Francine...I saw it in purple patent in the Coach store and it was gorgeous. I don't really like Coach that much but that bag is just so pretty to me.