Turquoise bags!

  1. I'm now on the hunt for a turquoise bag (or a blue somthing like that!) Here's what I'm eyeing. Any other suggestions?
  2. I love it!
  3. carmenmonoxideCARRIBEAN_l.jpg
  4. If you're open to coach, they actually have a nice ergo bag right now. I haven't liked coach for several years, but the ergo & carly are winning me over.
  5. Bulga large hobo is amazing!

  6. Hey, I was just about to post the bulga one too :p

    Here is the picture from JCMadison (can't tell if it's the same color as the post above), which already has it on sale, and someone in the deals and steals section posted an additional 25% off coupon.

  7. I've never been keen on this bag, but that color is stunning! I think you just changed my mind. :yes:
  8. titania029
    I think the bag you posted is in teal colour; there is also studded hobo in satin blue which is different, too.
    Bag I posted is in Aqua color; I saw it IRL and it looks pretty accurate.
  9. I'm going to have to put in another vote for the Bulga, although I have the medium studded hobo. I have the satin blue, although mine appears a little more blue and less green than many of the photos. It is a gorgeous bag.

  10. there is a custom turquoise cotton oilily on eBay .
  11. Love that Bulga!