Turquoise and Violet! I am in heaven...

  1. Yep great color. Saw this bag at the boutque. However, two things concern me re: this bag,
    1, shoulder strap is leather/nylon, looks kinda cheap irl
    2. leather is really, really thin, almost balenciaga-like. Really, really slouchy. It looks good in pic, but not sure how it will wear.

    Waiting for the violet paddy/bay/lucite lock...
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure how much I like these super slouchy hobo styles, but the colors are TDF.

    Acshih- do you know if they are making any new colors of Paddy satchel's in 2008?
  3. noir, sable, chocolate, blanc,argent, celadon (light green), jade(??dark green). Some with lucite locks. 3 colors on lucite, transparent, amber and black.

    A really dark violet paddy capsule chain (??), from SA's description.
  4. Oh my! Thank you for the info! I'm so excited now! Any idea when they'll be in stores?? I can't wait to snatch up a green or violet one! :nuts:
  5. Leather is thin? That stinks. I prefer my Chloe throw-around-and-it-still-looks-perfect leather.
  6. Okay. Now *THAT* sounds awesome :tup:

  7. Celadon and dark violet sound TDF. :heart: I can see my Chloe addiction won't be cured anytime soon.
  8. Early Janurary, maybe. Also, forgot about taupe and aqua.
  9. OMG :wtf: Aqua! That is going to be the one!! I can't wait, hurry up January!