turquoise 08 work - w GSH or GGH ?

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  1. would like to ask you fellow B ladies, which hardware best suits turq 08 work ? so far im for GSH .. but saw pics of other works with other colors than turq ... mostly with GGH ... but i think turq is better with silver right ?
  2. Well, never seen either IRL, but here's a piccie of outpt's gorgy 08 turq with GSH. This is the one I'd go for :heart::


    PS Click to enlarge the pic.
  3. I prefer GSH over GGH by a gigantic, immesurable margin.

    Having said that, IMO GSH generally casts a cooling glow on colors, and GGH a warming glow. I believe the 08 Turq needs to be warmed rather than cooled. So I may prefer 08 Turq with GGH. But I'm not committed to this fleeting preference because I also LOVE outpt's GSH Work.

    Here's a pic of my GGH Turq.

  4. hmm.. totally agree w/ what deco says in regards to

    silver = cool
    gold = warm.

    Personal preference... I can't pull off gold.. so I'd have to side w/ silver.

    Both are gorgeous... it's a win-win situation~! :tup:
  5. I have seen both and like both, but I like the gsh a bit better.
  6. My vote goes to GSH but that is probably because my accessories are that colour;)

  7. Here's another photo for comparison. I have the damndest time trying to capture this color and HW. I'm on the fence about keeping this bag only because the leather doesn't inspire droooooool. F/W 07 really spoiled the hell out of me! I looooooove the color, just ho hum about the leather.

  8. I vote for the GSH..IMO it pops more and goes better together :smile:
  9. I think turq would look best with the silver. THe gold just seems to clash and look very 80s.
  10. I've seen both yesterday and for some reason the GGH looked more "wow" to me than the GSH ... but it could be just the lighting. I'd love to see both outdoors on a sunny day!
  11. I like the gold, definately! They are both beautiful though. I think the silver hardware makes the bag look brighter. All depends on what you like :smile: Good Luck
  12. GGH for sure!
  13. Personally, I would go with the SGH with Turquoise!
  14. IMHO and based on my own struggling with the GSH or GGH for my BG City, I realize that it's really not an easy choice. However, I have to say that based on my Turqoise color I have seen IRL, I would think that the GGH will stand out more. The GSH looks good as well and totally agree with Decophile's comments about warm/cold colors.

    In general, the blue color should be the cold color family. However, as Turquoise should have a hue of green, I would say it goes a bit to the warm color family. Also because blue+yellow=green. Therefore, I would suggest the GGH to make the 08 Turquoise a bit closer to the true Turquoise (with a hue of green).
  15. I would have to go for GSH...i love the "cool" look of this combo!