Turquoise '08 Work and Day... nd I'm not sure I'm finished yet! Blue comparison pics

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  1. lovely!!
  2. Thanks for the comparo pics, s-o-f! The 05 Turq is my HG but wow, can I just say that your 08 Turq does make it look a little duller by comparison! I'll be revisiting this thread to see your additional pictures (that you said you were going to post), and CONGRATS again!
  3. Oh yes, could I please trouble you to post a comparison between 05 Turq, 08 Turq, and Aquamarine ? I can't get my head around how similar/different they are!
  4. I absolutely love this color and seeing your beautiful pictures only confirms that I need more turq '08!!! I have the PT rh and a rh coin purse on the way, but I'm thinking a Weekender would rock!!! Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on your bags and Law book!
  5. i love 'em all. i am dying to see the turq/aqua comparision. thanks for your lovely pics south. congrats!
  6. Wow, I'm blown away by these, so beautiful!!:heart:
  7. thank you for sharing!! congrats on your turq goodies.. yum yum!
  8. Thanks dear... I second Jo_ee's request... :smile:
  9. Thanks for the comparison pictures, SOF! I love your 05 First!! :heart:
  10. Congrats!!! I love the '08 Turq too!
  11. now we need to see some modeling pics of those beauties. please south please.
  12. south-of-france, you have the best Turquoise collection :love: Thanks for posting comparison photos. Both your new bags look totally luscious. I second delmilano's request for modeling pics :woohoo:
  13. gorgeous bags, love the color.
  14. So gorgeous! Congrats on the book and the bags!
  15. Thank you ladies! :heart: Wow, this is the first time I've been named a Bbag :queen:! :nuts: :ty:

    I just took pics of my blue bags side by side... I'll upload now! :sweatdrop: