Turquoise '08 Work and Day... nd I'm not sure I'm finished yet! Blue comparison pics

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  1. OH SOUTH, you got your two turquoise bags!!!!! CONGRATS SWEETIE!!
    The leather looks thick on both of them, i love this color so much too. Your Day looks exactly like mine, thick, even, a bit shiny, soft leather. wow wow wow, the work style really rocks too. and thank you for the comparison pic. 05 turquoise is much greener and less neon-y than 08. now i know how different they are. i love 05 so much, but i also adore 08 turkey. I feel that my Teal is duller too near the 08 turkey. it's due to the neon-y feel of the bag. the color is so amazing.

  2. I totally agree with delmilano :yes::tup: !! The new '08 turq looks fantastic on your pics (I've not seen this color irl yet) - I think I'd love it too ;)!
    CONGRATS dear lil sis 'C' south ... :flowers: great buy !
  3. Wow, your purchases are lovely. Thanks for the comparison shots as well!
  4. WOW both are gorgeous! I really love the Day bag in that color and the leather is gorgeous! Congratulations
  5. Congrats Sweetie.:heart: I know you were waiting for this color for a long time. Enjoy your bags.:yahoo:
  6. wow your work is gorgeous, and your comparing pic of 05 and 08 turq is really helpful
  7. congratulations on your book !! that is SUCH an amazing accomplishment ! you definitely deserved those treats !! I've only recently been paying attention to the Day style and I didnt realize that it was that big next to the Work ! makes me want it more now ! and i love the neon-ness of turq :drool:
    enjoy your new blues :smile:
  8. Ahhh I can't wait to get my hands on a Turq RH Day! Yours looks so saturated and beautiful! I looove your blue collection; can't wait to see a family pic!
  9. Woo-hoo isn't it fab! Got my hot lil' hands on a Turq City and can't stop staring at it- I feel your love South!
  10. love them both..the comparison pics are great for reference!
  11. Thanks for the comparison pictures! :smile: I've been dying to see turq 05 up against turq 08 and I have to say that turq 05 is still my favourite Balenciaga blue. It's just such a complex, playful colour. If only they'd make it again... But having said that, your turq 08s are gorgeous! The leather is so beautiful! Do enjoy your bags and congrats on the book! :smile:
  12. congrats on your book and the 3 turqy beauties!
  13. turq has got to be my fav color!
  14. They are really beautiful. Congrats!!
  15. Congratulations! I can't wait to see more pictures with all the other blues. Thanks for the comparisons. Your 05 is stunning.

    I am so happy for you that the colour and leather are a good IRL as you imagined. The leather on the 08 bags looks absolutely amazing.